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“I’ve heard about the cybermen since I was in my cradle. I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU!”

I can’t have been the only one who thought this, can I?

I know he looked and sounded a bit like Craig, that is so stormy (or one of his decedents) 

I pointed this out to my brother, and he noted something else.

Remember the pretty black girl who looked a bit like Angie and the ginger boy with the glasses? Those other soldiers? He told me,

“If that’s Alfie, or one of his kids or whatever, then that girl could be one of Martha and Mickey’s, and that boy would be one of Amy and Rory’s descendants.”

This kid is twelve. TWELVE.

Amy can’t have kids…….

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The Ponds didn’t die, per se. They lived together and died of old age, and technically, since the Power Of Three episode took place between 2016 and 2021 (and assuming the Doctor picks up Clara from the year 2013) the the Ponds are actually still alive living in London AND dead, buried in New York at the same time…

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